QWE2000 Session 1I

Dr. Lingzi Jin [UK]
(FamilyGenetix Ltd.)

"Introducing Quality Assurance Into Website Development: A Case Study For Website Quality Control In A Small Company Environment"

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Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The rapid development of internet technology and e-commerce gives opportunities to many small companies who are developing various websites. Most of them do not have quality control in place. This paper is divided mainly into two parts. Firstly, it describes real world experience of setting up quality assurance and introducing best practice of website testing into such companies. The second part shows how formal testing techniques are applied in test case design and automated testing tools are used for the development of a website GeneAlert for genetic risk analysis. Familygenetix was previously a software publishing company specializing in software for genetics, chemistry and mathematical modeling. It now converted business focus to provide service for health care and software development for genetics research. All software development is in house. It started with somewhere between "initial" and "phase definition" levels of software testing [1]. Though software testing is defined as a phase that follows coding and testing is separated from debugging, test planning and test data preparation is done without proper requirements specification and post-code, execution-based testing is considered the primary testing activity.

About the Speaker

Dr. Lingzi Jin graduated from Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University, China, in 1982. She had her PhD degree in Software Engineering from Department of Computer Science, Nanjing University, China, in 1987. Lingzi Jin is a software test manager of FamilyGentix Ltd. Before she joined FamilyGenetix in Feb. 1999, she worked in academic for about 10 years teaching and doing research in software engineering. She is the co-author of about 30 papers and books. She is currently interested in applying formal testing techniques to industrial scale software, software process improvement and measurement of software quality.