2nd International
Software Quality Week Europe 1998
9-13 November 1998
Brussels, BELGIUM

QWE'98 Conference Theme:

EURO & Y2K: The Industrial Impact

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QWE'98 is part of a continuing series of Quality Week Conferences focusing on advances in software test technology, quality control, risk management, software safety, and test automation. Software analysis methodologies, supported by advanced automated software test methods, promise major advances in system quality and reliability, assuming continued competitiveness.

The mission of the QWE'98 Conference is to increase awareness of the importance of Software Quality and methods used to achieve software quality. It seeks to promote Software Quality by providing technological education and opportunities for information exchange within the software community.

The QWE'98 program consists of five days of tutorials, mini-tutorials, panels, technical papers and application oriented workshops that focus on software quality, test automation and associated new technologies. QWE'98 provides the Software Testing and QA/QC community with:


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